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Post Concussion Vision Care

Do you suffer from a concussion? Whether it is from a car accident, sports injury, fall, or other brain injury, we can address your vision needs.

Treating a concussion is a multi-disciplinary approach. At Brightway Optometry, we are equipped to help you with your post-concussion vision needs.

First, we perform an initial post-concussion visual assessment to determine the current state of the visual system. We do a thorough check including the prescription for eyeglasses, ocular health, and imaging. We address issues such as light sensitivity, contrast sensitivity, glare, and headaches. We try to alleviate at least some of these symptoms with specialized tints and coatings on glasses, mild computer glasses, and much more. 

We also offer a post concussion binocular vision assessment, in which we determine how well your eyes work together. We try to find the root cause of any imbalance between the eyes and address it promptly. This can be done through customized in-office vision therapy, or at-home eye exercises. It is important that you follow the treatment plan of your eyecare provider to strengthen your visual system after a concussion.

Concussion Care: Welcome
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