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What is Tele-Medicine?

At our clinic, we have implemented Tele-medicine (Tele-Optometry), which is a way for patients to access eyecare online, from the comfort and safety of their home amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Tele-medicine delivers medical care through digital medical equipment and telecommunications technology, such as online videos accessible through smartphones and tablets. Tele optometry allows patients to quickly receive screenings, diagnoses, prescriptions and monitoring from their own home, without an in-person appointment. Optometrists can provide tele-medicine consultations, diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of vison problems and ocular health conditions that do not require an in-person visit. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Eye infections (i.e. pink eye), eye pain and redness

  • Itchy eyes and allergies

  • Scratched eye (i.e. corneal abrasion)

  • New prescriptions and prescription Refills

  • Dry eyes, dermatitis, and blepharitis (eyelid inflammation)

  • Blurred, double, or distorted vision

  • Flashers & floaters

  • Refractive surgery follow-ups

  • General Consultations

How can the optometrist diagnose though a digital platform?

The optometrist will provide a diagnosis based both on the images and the information you supply, and if the eye doctor believes that your issues require emergency care, you will be advised to come in for an in-person examination. With tele-optometry, you can feel confident that you are receiving care from a licensed, practicing eye doctor from the comfort of your home.

Will My Virtual Eye Consultation Be Covered?

Currently, OHIP does not cover Tele-Optometry. In most cases, insurance plans may cover tele-optometry consultation, but we ask that you double-check with your insurance provider before making an appointment. After the consultation, you will receive your invoice to submit to your insurance company or claim it as a medical expense for your income tax credit. 

Virtual Care: Welcome
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