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Eye Test

Comprehensive Eye Examination

A comprehensive eye exam is much more than a vision test or prescription check for new glasses. In addition to this, the doctor performs a thorough examination of the health of your eyes to detect any issues. We welcome patients of all ages, 6 months and up.


Fashion and Prescription Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, and Accessories

Come browse our selection of fashion eyewear for the entire family. We have frames for babies, kids, teens, and adults! We carry various brands including Ray-Bans and Nano Vista.


Contact Lens Fitting and Ordering

We offer contact lens fittings for first-time and existing wearers. We will assess different brands of contact lenses to find the best fit, comfort, and vision for your eyes before placing your order.



If you have any concerns about your eyes (emergency or not), we are available to help you virtually. Please reach out for a tele-health appointment, from the comfort and safety of your own home.


Post-Concussion Visual Assessment

We offer care for those who've had a concussion, helping in their rehabilitation process. A visual examination can make a lot of difference in the recovery, treating any binocular vision issue, light sensitivity, and contrast issues. We offer specialized tinted lenses to help with headaches and eyestrain.


Ocular Imaging

We offer advanced ocular imaging with Fundus Photography and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), which scans all the different layers of the eye to reveal minute details that may not be visible otherwise. This helps to diagnose certain conditions and offer the best treatment tailored to each individual. It also allows more accurate monitoring of conditions such as glaucoma. Ocular imaging can be done in addition to your routine eye exam for the most comprehensive care possible. Ask us about the OCT scan at you next routine eye exam!


Visual Field Testing

Visual field testing means testing your peripheral (or side) vision. Our machine tests various points in the periphery to deteermine if someone has any deficits in their side vision. It can be added to your routine eye examination for the most comprehensive care possible. Ask about visual field testing at your next routine eye exam!


Diabetic Eye Exams

Eye exams for diabetics are covered by OHIP once every 12 months. It is highly recommended that diabetics have annual eye exams.


Ocular Emergencies (Eye Pain, Infection, Redness, Swelling, etc)

We offer same-day appointments for ocular emergencies, including eye infection, redness, swelling, and more.

Blue eye on grey background

Dry Eye Therapy

We offer advanced dry eye treatment, which is especially more prevalent due to increased screen time in recent times.


Myopia Control

Do you have a child who is highly near-sighted? Recent studies have revealed various methods to slow the progression of nearsightedness in children. These include overnigh contact lenses, eye drops, and multi-focal contact lenses. Book an appointment to find out which one is best for your child!


Laser Eye Surgery Referral and Co-Management

We offer preliminary assessment and referral for LASIK and other refractive surgeries. We can refer you to the best specialists to have your surgery.


Forms for Vision Requirements for Driving, Work, School and other authorities

We will fill out the necessary forms from your employer, your school, the Ministry of Transportation, and other government bodies as required for vision standards.


Eyeglass Repair and Adjustment

Are your glasses falling off your nose? Or perhaps just need a screw tightened? Come in and we will help adjust or repair your glasses.


Safety Eyewear

We have prescription and non-prescription safety glasses for those who require it for work, or for leisure, such as doing some home improvement, etc. Browse our selection of fashionable safety eyewear for men and women. Brands include ArmouRx, OnGuard, and more!

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